Turn your kitchen into a cooking classroom with the new game Gochi-Show!
Gochi-Show is the next in a series of lifestyle games following the wildly successful Burn Your Fat With Me! which reached over 1 million downloads!

Creative Freaks’ New App Release Announcement

Creative Freaks Inc. (Headquarters: Kyoto CEO and Founder: Mineaki Sugata) released the “real life” Gochi-Show and Gochi-Show! for Girls smart phone app on Friday June 16, 2016.

*This Screenshot is Japanese Version.

Gochi-Show Portal

Gochi-Show! is a game for smart phones and tablets that teaches players how to cook authentic Japanese food in real life.
Players cook to progress the story in an adventure game giving cell phone apps a whole new dimension.
Users learn to cook directly from either a set of charismatic women or attractive men starting from the prep work, essential cooking knowledge, and the final touches. Each recipe is packed full of content allowing the users to experience cooking in a new light.

■ Background
No step left behind. Every recipe’s cooking process is explained in detail!
There are currently 3 main ways to learn cooking outside of family and friends. Those are recipe websites, magazines and cookbooks, and cooking
classes. However many of these can be difficult for beginners.
Gochi-Show hopes to make learning cooking both fun and engaging while being easy to understand.
In other words, Gochi-Show is made so anyone can do it! Each recipe contains all the technique and know how necessary to succeed.

■A Fourth Way to Learn Cooking for a New Generation!

Although many people learn cooking initially from their families, we are entering an age where cooking becomes less essential, and many people have stopped cooking altogether. As a result many people find trying to get back into or start cooking a daunting task.
That is why we devised this 4th method of learning to cook which combines elements of games, story, and real life experience. Because we are in the age of endless information and convenience, Gochi-Show will be a fun way to learn and leave people wanting to know more.

■Cook in real life to progress the story in the first app of its kind.

High quality image resolution and well seasoned Japanese seiyuu perform colorful characters in the fully voiced 24 chapters totaling more than 3000 words.

*This Screenshot is Japanese Version.

■Get coached by a wonderful friend or lover while they’re by your side.

From preparation to fun facts and techniques,
learn it all while cooking side by side with in-game characters.
This game aims to be a unique experience that also helps the players gain valuable life skills and possibly a new passion with Japanese cooking.
With simple and easy to use interface packed full of ways to prepare food, 1 Point lessons, and information geared towards the players level, cooking will be seen in a whole new light!


■There are currently 35 recipes that will be released initially that are either Japanese, Western, or Chinese food.
There are currently 35 recipes that fall into either the category of Japanese food, Youshoku (Western food), and Chinese food. ※There are plans to add more recipes later.

*This Screenshot is Japanese Version.

※Recipes are used with permission from Shufu no Tomosha (主婦の友社)

The Burn Your Fat With Me! series received over 1 million downloads worldwide.


■ App Summary
[App geared towards male audience]
Title: Gochi-Show
Genre: Cooking
Price: $4 (DLC not included)
Supported Devices: iOS8.0 or later/iPhone、iPad /iPhone 5 /Android 4.0 or later

[App geared towards female audience]
Title: Gochi-Show! for Girls
Genre: Cooking
Price: $4 (DLC not included)
Supported Devices: iOS8.0 or later/iPhone、iPad /iPhone 5 /Android 4.0 or later

※Author: Kyoko Hirozawa 『New お料理1年生のはじめてクッキング』(Shufu no Tomosha, Published 2012)
※Editor: Satomi Kenmizaki 『英語でつくる 基本の和食』(Shufu no Tomosha, Published 2011)
※Author: Rie Ushio 『がんばらなくてもできちゃう!基本のおかず100』(Shufu no Tomosha, Published 2014)

■ Contact
Creative Freaks Inc.