We have launched “Gochi-Show!” on Steam.
Please take a look and download it above!

This application is having a special sale 15% off and ends 9 September !!

The Steam version is available all contents when you buy it for $5 only!
It doesn’t include in-app purchase and isn’t different from smartphone version.

You can cook Japanese dishes if only you have it!!

Enjoying Japanese cooking and gal game at any time and anywhere.

If you don’t mind, please play and enjoy the new “Real” cooking game and our first Steam title is called “Gochi-Show!”!!

And, we are still developing a Girls version and will launch in September!

Please wait until when we finished this work!

Thanks everyone vote this title on the Steam Green Light campaign!

* I’m sorry. It is undesided to implement a localization of Traditional Chinese and Japanese into this app.